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Conquering Volcanoes....2

Mission Bay, Takaparawha Park and One Tree Hill

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On a sunny afternoon (Aug 16, 2015) my friend Chris and I thought it would basically be ILLEGAL not to enjoy the sunshine and so set out for a random little drive around Auckland.


First we went to Mission Bay, which is just around the corner from Auckland's city centre. You don't have to drive for long before you feel really out in the suburbs around from the highrises and traffic.


Mission Bay was absolutely beautiful and the beach and water fountain made a perfect backdrop to my many many FroYo pictures. I'm quiet mad-keen on FroYo (frozen yoghurt) since getting slightly addicted in Byron Bay many moons ago. Basically because you get to whack on all your own toppings and yoghurt is way healthier than ice cream so it's practically like eating a lettuce. :-)


The beach was a beautiful walk and we went for a little drive further round we got to St Heliers for more beautiful beach shots and a picture of my dangling my feet off the edge. (It wasn't that high mum!)


So after our morning treat and a walk around the beach, we Rocky'ed up the steps (that's when you run up the steps as fast as you can and then jump up and down in celebration at the end) to the top of Takaparawha Park. The beautiful spot has a war memorial, flower garden and fantastic views of the sea and city.


I get like the paparazzi when I'm surrounded by beautiful scenery, so apologies if it is picture overload! haha.

In the afternoon we scaled One Tree Hill. And don't be fooled by the name, I saw LOADS of trees.


One Tree Hill, also know as Maungakiekie, and the neighbouring Cornwall Park is a beautiful landscape of sheep and (at this time of year) baby lambs. I now work next door to this field and every day on my lunch hour I can hear the little lambs bleating to their mummies. So cute!

This 183 metre apparently has three craters (although I only recall two) and a lava line which extends to the Maukau shoreline. According to the council website, One Tree Hill is the largest of the region's intact volcanic cones.

What I loved most about this volcano was all the tree roots, where over the years the soil has blown or worn away but the twisted wooden legs remain intact. They're all curly and twisted and I once again could have spent HOURS taking pictures from lots of different angles. I resisted the temptation mainly because Chris was frowning at me! Haha.


From the top you can see amazing views of the city and look down into the crater where tourists have spelt out their names with rocks. The sheep walk between them so I like to think it was maybe the sheep, rather than tourists, that were trying to tell us that "J&E" had visited.


I loved seeing all the lambs following their mums around and they look so cute sunbathing with their little awkward limbs poking out from underneath them. We didn't get too close in case we frightened them, but silently crept around taking pictures as we went.


Going off the beaten track a bit, we went round the back of the hillside to where an old electrical building was. And behind it....a cool homemade swing looking out over Auckland and beyond.

Now I don't care how old I am, I'm still a massive kid at heart, so I was on that swing straight away! It was a bit rickety and made some unusual sounds but swinging out over the edge of the hillside was pretty cool. Good decision to wear my hair in pigtails today - went well with the swing!


At the end of the adventure we took a peak around one of the former settler's houses which still remains, before heading off back home. My shoes were muddy, my legs were tired, but we had an awesome day. I feel lucky to work and live so close to this amazing park.


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